Our Vision:

It is our vision to be the biggest Manufacturing American company to produce Artisan Mexican Candy.

Our Mission:

To give the world a taste of the delicious traditional Mexican Candy and Snacks with a modern twist.

Leoncito USA, Super Leon, and El Ponchin Snacks were founded in 1999 by Ildefonso Guerrero Senior and his family. He is originally from the state of Guanajuato, Mexico. The  Guerrero family has created one of the finest line of traditional Mexican candy. Which is manufactured by the Guerrero family such as Tamarindo Candy, Milk Caramel, Wafflers, Assorted Brittle, Coconut Macroon, Cookies, Corricos, Chili Mango, Nuts and Seeds, Traditional Churritos-corn sticks-, Salsa Chamoy and many many many more delicious items.


Leoncito USA, Super Leon, y El Ponchin Snacks fue fundado en 1999 por el Señor Ildefonso Guerrero y su familia. El Señor Guerrero originario del estado de Guanajuato, México. La familia Guerrero ha creado una de las mejores y selectas lineas de dulce tradicional Mexicano. Lo que nos distingue  es la calidad y originidad de nuestros productos, los cuales la mayoria son fabricados y producidos por la familia Guerrero.


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